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Well for those of you out there who got their hands on the Canadian Blue Ray release only to find out it was a piece of crap, your voices have been. For those of you who don’t know, there was another fantastic screwup, and the wrong files were delivered/sent/who knows? to create the blue ray, so instead of the letterbox presentation everyone was expecting, well, let me quote Dave Dodson, the editor,

“What we have is a full 16×9 presentation. Not letterboxed. Not 2.35. And not even properly pan&scanned for 16×9. Most shots simply use the entire Super35 3-perf image area, thereby allowing all the extra headroom and lower space that was never intended to be seen. Careful widescreen compositions are thrown out the window. Shots that were composed for intensity or any other particular, professional use of the 2.35 frame are now just ordinary.

But it gets worse. Since many of the CGI shots were only finished out to 2.35 and not to the full 1.78 frame, many VFX shots are cropped on the sides in order to accommodate the 16×9 frame. For example, the Moorwen’s first rampage out of the trap truly needs the full 2.35 frame to be legible. But instead all we have is a 16×9 center-cut. As a result, the sequence feels cramped and hard to read.

Said it much better than I could. Anyway, the upshot of this is that TWC was evidently furious at the screwup and intends to fix the problem. Now this is not official – I just heard it today – but I gather the plan is to offer a rebate to anyone who bought the crappy blue ray and an opportunity to purchase a new one with the correct format.

I also gather that they are quite pleased with its rental and sales performance. Who knows? Maybe there’s a sequel to be had someday.