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title1Well the folks at TWC have sent me not only the theaters for today, but have also included a few that they managed to book for next weekend. I think I’ve finally figured out the release strategy. We’re in the middle of a teaser campaign which is going to culminate in us opening wide against Watchmen. You goin’ down, Zack.

Enough merriment. So our first theater is…

Merrick Funeral Parlor, Brownsville, TX

Ooops. No, here they are.


1 Carmike 10 Newnan, GA
2 Bellevue 8 Nashville, TN
3 Carmike Wynnsong 10-Madison Madison, TN
4 Bell Forge 10 Antioch, TN
5 Carmike Johnson City 14 Johnson City, TN
6 Greenwood 10 Bowling Green, KY
7 Grand 16 Pier Park Theatre Panama City, FL
8 Carolina Pavilion 22 Charlotte, NC
9 Concord Mills 24 Concord Mills, NC
10 Grand Four Seasons 18 Greensboro, NC
11 Carmike 20 Edinburg, TX
12 Sikes 10 Wichita Falls, TX
13 Premiere 18 Theatre El Paso, TX
14 Cocowalk 16 Theatres Coconut Grove, FL
15 Indian River 24 Vero Beach, FL
16 Regency 24 – Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL
17 Merchants Crossing 16 North Ft. Myers, FL
18 Tallahassee Mall 20 Tallahassee, FL
19 Spring Hill 8 Cinemas Spring Hill, FL
20 Las Vegas 5 Drive-In North Las Vegas, NV
21 Horizon Stadium Cinema 9 Laughlin, NV
22 Fiesta Square 16 Fayetteville, AR
23 Carmike 14 Fort Smith, AR
24 Sugar Creek Bella Vista, AR
25 Nova Cinemas the AMP Theatre Oxford, MS
26 Palace Theatre 16 – Westbank Harvey, LA
27 Carmike 10 Lafayette, LA
28 Crossroads Mall 16 Oklahoma City, OK
29 Southroads 20 Tulsa, OK
30 De Anza Four Drive In Tucson, AZ
31 Frontier Village 10 Prescott, AZ
32 Glendale 9 Drive-In Theatre Glendale, AZ
33 Odyssey Theatre Twin Falls, ID
34 St. Charles 18 St. Charles, MO


1 De Anza Starlight D/I Theatre 6 Atlanta, GA
2 Royal Palm 20 Bradenton, FL
3 Galaxy Theatre – Cary Cary, NC
4 Cinema 10-Huntsville Huntsville, TX
5 Colonial Mall 12 Myrtle Beach, SC
6 20 Grand Omaha, NE
7 Village Pointe Cinema Omaha, NE
8 Cinemark Movies 10 Sandusky, OH



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title1With a song in my heart, I give you the following cities and theaters for this weekend’s Outlander extravaganza. I’m sorry it’s so last minute, but I just got it in from TWC. They must only have solidified it today. Oh wait… the bottom of the document is dated February 2. But if they knew the theaters Monday, why did they only send it out to me now? Ah, the impenetrable mysteries of the universe. I hope those of you who voted get your chance to see the flick. Enjoy!

Salisbury 9/ Salisbury


Carmike 10/Newnan

Carmike 12 Fayetteville

AMC Newport on the Leve/ Newport
West Chester 18/West Chester

Columbus, OH
Easton Towne Center 30/Columbus
Lennox 24/Columbus
Polaris 18/Columbus

Las Vegas
Century 18 Sam’s Town/Las Vegas

Auburn Movieplex 10 Auburn

Carmike 10/Savannah

At the beginning, when anything was possible...

At the beginning, when anything was possible...


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For all you folks who haven’t gotten a chance to see the movie (I’m talking to virtually everyone in the country, I guess) Charlie Anders at io9 has a nice little treat – an almost 3-minute clip from the movie. I think you’ll like it. Click on the screenshot to check it out.

io9 Clip

io9 Clip


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title1First off, OUR poll (followed by results of actual polls taken at the theater):

And now, thanks to everyone who saw the movie. We hope you enjoyed it. Outlander obviously didn’t set the box office on fire but it’s hard to do so when no one knows about you. I can report that there were no posters up in certain theaters in Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Houston and San Diego. I suspect, although do not know for sure, that TWC simply didn’t provide them.

I saw the movie in San Diego on Friday night (Shoutout to Mae Lin, Amy, Karen and Cassandra!) and the audience liked it. Ooohed at the right places, laughed when they were meant to.

As you know, we have gotten some very nice reviews (I’ll be posting more) plus some pretty harsh ones. I can respect that people don’t like the film but my goodness, some of them have found the stupidest things to fault. My personal favorite is the one who disliked our choice of dates for the movie. Somehow “709 AD” just ticked him off. And then there was the bright light who thought we shouldn’t have bothered showing our hero learn “Old Norse” in order to speak with the locals because when he got there they already spoke English. It seems he didn’t understand the time-honored convention of rendering foreign languages in English for the English-speaking audience. But such is the life of a critic – they get to rain down excrement while living under umbrellas.

There has definitely been a dichotomy in the reviews. Many of those who had a negative, snarky reaction did not realize that we had based the movie on the poem Beowulf, and had actually designed it as the “sci-fi origin” of that early monster tale. They simply thought we were kitchen-sinking the idea. Like we sat around one day and said “gee, let’s have an alien creature attack Des Moines. No, too boring. How about… Norway, in the 8th century? Then we could have Vikings and stuff, and what fanboy doesn’t love Vikings?”

Didn’t happen that way.

On the other hand, those who did see what we were aiming at may have taken us to task but absolutely had a warmer spot for the movie. But the reviews that matter the most came from the real human beings who saw the movie, and they were very good. According to exit polls:

64% found the film Very good or excellent (the norm is 55%)

85% would Probably or Definitely recommend the movie to friends

59% thought it was better than expected (the norm is 50%)

70% would Probably or Definitely rent the DVD

56% would Probably or Definitely buy the DVD

I’d say those are very good reactions and heartening to us as filmmakers.

And so, if you would like to see the film, here are some new markets for next weekend

1. Mobile-Pensacola , AL

2. Knoxville, TN

3. Huntsville-Decatur, Fl

4. Greensboro-H. Point-W. Salem , NC

5. Dothan, AL

6. Cleveland , OH

7. Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY

There will be some holdovers, but I don’t know what they are.

Kainan Captured

Kainan Captured

Kainan on the Hunt

Kainan on the Hunt

Crowd Waiting to Get Into Outlander. (okay, just kidding.)

Crowd Waiting to Get Into Outlander. (okay, just kidding.)


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Our POLL First

Jim C.First off, Happy New Year, to all. Second, I apologize for not writing for a while. 2008 was truly a hell of a year, emphasis on ‘hell’. Plus, there hasn’t been much to put out there, as anyone with even a passing acquaintance with the Weinstein Company’s travails can understand.

However, I finally have something good to report, so here goes. As you probably know, the release date for Outlander is January 23rd. So, despite reports that we were going straight to DVD, that is not the case

Further, I have the cities, straight from TWC, where it will open first. They are as follows:

San Francisco, CA
Chicago, IL
Philadelphia, PA
Washington D.C.
Dallas, TX
Atlanta, GA
Boston, MA
Houston, TX
Seattle, WA
Miami, FL
San Diego, CA
Detroit, MI
Sacramento, CA
Orlando, FL
Tampa, FL

Finally, after too many years to count, the movie will be out there. So do what you can, oh ye faithful – email your buds in those cities, make some noise. If we do well, we might even get the recalcitrant folks at TWC to roll it out further.

And one last thing: go see it yourself and have a good time. I hope you enjoy it.

PS – here are a few set photos (courtesy of Michael Tompkins)

Good-Bye to the Kings

Good-Bye to the Kings

John Hurt, from deleted scene

John Hurt, from deleted scene

Shooting from the barge, in Newfoundland

Shooting from the barge, in Newfoundland

Where there's smoke.... there's a grip

Where there's smoke.... there's a grip

Tracking Vikings as they track the monster

Tracking Vikings as they track the monster


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Perhaps “update” is an overly-strong word. How about… um… ‘side-date’. As in there is not a lot of forward-moving news. TWC is not sharing their release strategy at the moment, so we are still waiting for details.

A few things to throw out there, though. A few pictures did come in from the media day at Locarno. Here they are:

Sophia Myles

Sophia Myles

Jack Huston

Jack Huston

Dirk Blackman

Dirk Blackman

Howard McCain

Howard McCain

Also, Sophia Myles did an interview with New York Magazine (nice!) on her new movie Hallam Foe and had a few words to say about Outlander:

Q: And the last movie you did before Moonlight was Outlander, which still hasn’t come out. So…

A: What the fuck, yeah…

A woman of few, but pungent, words. (I kid, Sophia). Obviously there is more, but I thought I’d just link you there so you can see for yourself what she said about Outlander as well as Hallam Foe.

Plus, Empire’s Movie-Con now has some video up of the Q and A Jack Huston and I did in London a few weeks back. I’d’ve stolen a bit but I can’t figure out how. Check it out at:

Fair warning… I didn’t spare the “F-Bombs” in the interview. I guess I thought it was hip. Or I was nervous. Or nervously hip.

And finally, a Q and A with Mark O’Connell of at:

So in closing, I invite any and all of you to let TWC know that if we don’t get a glorious release for Outlander, you’re all going to give Inglorious Bastards a miss.


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(I am so envious of people who can smile with their mouth open.)

Still suffering from homicidal jet lag or I would have written earlier about our appearance at the inaugural Empire Magazine Movie Con. As I’m sure you all know, Empire magazine is THE British film magazine. They’ve done a brilliant thing – started a convention where they show extended clips from upcoming genre films and have Q and As with the creators afterwards. Kind of like a focused chunk of Comicon. So we showed a ten-minute clip to about 400-500 people who loved it. The audience was great, as were the guys at Empire, and the folks at the British distributor, Momentum. (Hi Anne!) I’d forgotten how much I like the British. They’re like us, but with cuddly accents and opaque words for common objects

Anyway, I did the Q and A with Jack Huston. I thought I would be scared to death of speaking in front of hundreds of people, but a plethora of beers saw me through. That and some Xanax. And some heroin.

After the Con, I bought a very expensive and extremely feisty piece of steak then crashed.

So – check out Empire’s site for Outlander info as well as info on other, lesser films that were represented, such as Watchmen and Terminator 4.

(Home site is

These pics are courtesy of Empire, even though I did not actually contact them for permission, which I guess denied them the right to extend the courtesy. Oh well.