Outlander – 5/29/09

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Well I’m heartened to see a nice response regarding Outlander.  The feedback on Amazon is nice – average 4.5 stars, and the feedback on itunes is good also, averaging 3.5 stars. So if you liked it and haven’t left a rating yet, please do so!  (And if you didn’t like it, well do as your mama said, and keep that to yourselves.)

What’s so nice is that these are from actual people, not critics. What I’ve painfully learned recently is that critics often have their head so far up their ass they can watch their own heart beat

And on that cheery visual, good night!


13 Responses to “Outlander – 5/29/09”

  1. Wow! this is great!

    Outlander was the number one movie on the playstation network last week! Here’s the ranking list:

    “And finally, here are our top downloads for the week: ”

    “Top Movies”

    1. Outlander
    2. The Uninvited
    3. Paul Blart: Mall Cop
    4. Notorious UNRATED
    5. The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)
    6. Yes Man
    7. Seven Pounds
    8. Fanboys
    9. Zack and Miri Make a Porno
    10. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

    Top HD Movies

    1. Outlander
    2. The Uninvited
    3. The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)
    4. Notorious UNRATED
    5. Fanboys
    6. Yes Man
    7. Seven Pounds
    8. Zack and Miri Make a Porno
    9. Quantum of Solace
    10. Bolt


  2. Sadly Amazon UK and Germany will not release it before September 😦

  3. outlanderthemovie Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. I don’t understand the timing at all, as it will have been released in most every other territory before that.

    • DVD releases typically trail the theatrical run by four or five months (it used to be around six months). Since the film didn’t come out in the UK until April 24th, four months later is pretty much the begining of september.

      It doesn’t entirely make sense to trail the other releases like that but consider that the film only debuted in theaters in sweden about three weeks ago, and opens in italy in July. Technically that’s why DVDs are region coded but it certainly doesn’t stop Pirates that know no bounds.

      Also, just because Amazon.UK doesn’t sell it yet doesn’t mean that Amazon.com won’t ship it to you. They might charge an export fee though.

  4. What about a Australian release, theatrical or DVD ?!!!!

    • outlanderthemovie Says:

      Hey aaron – can u help out on this? ANy info on this question?

      • I honestly haven’t heard much. I don’t even know who bought the Australian rights… if someone can tell me at least that, I might be better able to look into it, sorry.

      • Did a bit of digging. I’m still working on a release date. I’m pretty sure it will go straight to video in Australia and New Zealand. Expect it possibly in July.

        The film is being distributed by Revolution Entertainment, and will be possibly in the second round of releases. Revolution is a joint venture that goes into effect tomorrow between Leader Home Entertainment and the Australian based Horizon One Entertainment

  5. Great movie! 90% of the reviews on imdb.com are positive (on at least the first few pages) and some of them outright ecstatic! That’s what got me to see this flick.

    It’s a shame the marketing of this movie wasn’t more extensive (another funding issue?). Maybe it could be sold for tv like someone else said previously, so it will increase in popularity even more!

    I’m going to recommend it to a friend who loves fantasy films. I’m sure he’s going to buy a copy as well.

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