title1Well the folks at TWC have sent me not only the theaters for today, but have also included a few that they managed to book for next weekend. I think I’ve finally figured out the release strategy. We’re in the middle of a teaser campaign which is going to culminate in us opening wide against Watchmen. You goin’ down, Zack.

Enough merriment. So our first theater is…

Merrick Funeral Parlor, Brownsville, TX

Ooops. No, here they are.


1 Carmike 10 Newnan, GA
2 Bellevue 8 Nashville, TN
3 Carmike Wynnsong 10-Madison Madison, TN
4 Bell Forge 10 Antioch, TN
5 Carmike Johnson City 14 Johnson City, TN
6 Greenwood 10 Bowling Green, KY
7 Grand 16 Pier Park Theatre Panama City, FL
8 Carolina Pavilion 22 Charlotte, NC
9 Concord Mills 24 Concord Mills, NC
10 Grand Four Seasons 18 Greensboro, NC
11 Carmike 20 Edinburg, TX
12 Sikes 10 Wichita Falls, TX
13 Premiere 18 Theatre El Paso, TX
14 Cocowalk 16 Theatres Coconut Grove, FL
15 Indian River 24 Vero Beach, FL
16 Regency 24 – Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL
17 Merchants Crossing 16 North Ft. Myers, FL
18 Tallahassee Mall 20 Tallahassee, FL
19 Spring Hill 8 Cinemas Spring Hill, FL
20 Las Vegas 5 Drive-In North Las Vegas, NV
21 Horizon Stadium Cinema 9 Laughlin, NV
22 Fiesta Square 16 Fayetteville, AR
23 Carmike 14 Fort Smith, AR
24 Sugar Creek Bella Vista, AR
25 Nova Cinemas the AMP Theatre Oxford, MS
26 Palace Theatre 16 – Westbank Harvey, LA
27 Carmike 10 Lafayette, LA
28 Crossroads Mall 16 Oklahoma City, OK
29 Southroads 20 Tulsa, OK
30 De Anza Four Drive In Tucson, AZ
31 Frontier Village 10 Prescott, AZ
32 Glendale 9 Drive-In Theatre Glendale, AZ
33 Odyssey Theatre Twin Falls, ID
34 St. Charles 18 St. Charles, MO


1 De Anza Starlight D/I Theatre 6 Atlanta, GA
2 Royal Palm 20 Bradenton, FL
3 Galaxy Theatre – Cary Cary, NC
4 Cinema 10-Huntsville Huntsville, TX
5 Colonial Mall 12 Myrtle Beach, SC
6 20 Grand Omaha, NE
7 Village Pointe Cinema Omaha, NE
8 Cinemark Movies 10 Sandusky, OH



  1. Awesome. I’ll get the list up as soon as possible

  2. So, do we know yet whether or not they’ll be announcing more theaters than this for this weekend?

  3. Apparently it’s in 19 theaters this week, but I only have the names of 9…

  4. What about the week of February 27th? This is what I’ve found so far… are there more?

    Portland – Cornelius Stadium Cinemas

    Muskegon – Cinema Carousel
    Lansing – Celebration! Cinema & IMAX Theatre
    Grandville – Celebration! Cinema RiverTown (At RiverTown Crossings Mall)

    Morrisville – Carmike Park Place 16
    Raleigh – Carmike 15

    Fargo – West Acres – Marcus Theaters

    Waite Park – Parkwood – Marcus Theaters
    Hermantown – Lakes -Marcus Theaters

  5. So, I’ve deduced that there should be 12 locations this week in the US… I listed nine so that leaves three locations for the week of Feb27th that we don’t know yet.

  6. Here’s where Outlander is playing in the US this week (March 6th)… there may be more and there’s at least on of these locations I haven’t confirmed.

    [B]North Carolina[/B]
    Matthews – Cinemark
    Highpoint – Carike 8

    Warren – Cinemark Movies 16

    Cornelius – Cornelius 9 Cinemas

    Birmingham – Carmike 10

    Antioch – Carmike Hickory 8

    Phoenix – Silver Cinemas Bell Road
    Tucson – Century Gateway 12

    Mansfield – Cinemark Cinema 10 – Springfield Square
    Willoughby Hills – Cinemark Movies 10

    Garland – Cinemark Hollywood USA
    Sherman – Cinemark Movies 7

  7. There’s actually 46 theaters showing Outlander this weekend… I have 31 in the list which I’ve updated and posted here… Can anybody fill out the last 15?

    North Carolina
    Fayetteville – Omni Cinemas
    Matthews – Cinemark Movies 10
    Highpoint – Carike 8

    Warren – Cinemark Movies 16
    Muskegon – Cinema Carousel

    Cornelius – Cornelius 9 Cinemas

    Birmingham – Carmike 10

    Antioch – Carmike Hickory 8

    Phoenix – Silver Cinemas Bell Road
    Tucson – Century Gateway 12

    Mansfield – Cinemark Cinema 10 – Springfield Square
    Willoughby Hills – Cinemark Movies 10

    Garland – Cinemark Hollywood USA Movies 15
    Sherman – Cinemark Movies 7
    Wichita Falls – Carmike Century City 6
    Longview – Hollywood Movies 9
    Harlingen – Cinemark Movies 10
    San Antonio – Cinemark Movies 16

    New York
    Rochester – Cinemark Movies 10 – West Brighton

    Rhode Island
    East Providence – Patriot Cinemas

    Orlando – Colonial Promenade 6 – Touchstar Cinemas

    Columbus – Carmike Peachtree 8
    Fayetteville – Cinemark Movies 10
    Riverdale – Galaxy Riverdale Funplex 13

    Tulsa – Cinemark Movies 8

    New Mexico
    Albuquerque – Cinemark Movies West
    Albuquerque – Cinemark Movies 8

    Cheyenne – Carmike Cole Square 3

    Topeka – Hollywood – West Ridge 8

    North Little Rock – Cinemark Tandy Movies 10

    South Carolina
    Rock Hill – Carmike Cinema Seven

  8. nancyanna Says:

    How come no California releases? We have been hyped for this since the previews in Nov and December – but it seemed to disappear off the face of North America// What gives. It looks like it is opening in London and Turkey??!! next week? April 2009

    • outlanderthemovie Says:

      Actually, it did play on San Diego and San Francisco. It didnt come to Los Angeles, because, or so they said, it was too expensive. The distrib, TWC, is in fact out of money from what I understand, and we suffered because of it.

  9. Wow. What a shame this movie didn’t get wider distribution. I don’t care what any of the critics say: the concept is from WAAY outside the box thinking IMO.

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