No, I’m not crazy. Obviously I don’t mean the week at the box office. Considering the way TWC threw us out there we never had a chance. Cold comfort to be joined in the dumping by Killshot, directed by John Madden, who also directed the Academy Award winning Shakespeare in Love for the Weinsteins. There’s a short memory for you. At least he got the premium TWC releasing label as opposed to that kiss of death, Third Rail Releasing. Ah well, the world teems with cautionary tales, no?

To what do I refer, then? Drumroll please….


Bit Torrent

Bit Torrent

I find myself welling with tears. To paraphrase Sally Field. ” You like to steal from me! You really like to steal from me!”

I just want to say thank you for your support to all those out there who have no compunction about stealing the work of others. I find myself warmed to think that I am not alone in my love of film – there are so many out there who share that love, and are willing to help kill the art form just to show it. It means a lot to us and to our families that you are willing to spend your hard-earned two minutes to download the sweat of years.


30 Responses to “OUTLANDER WINS THE WEEK !!!!”

  1. For the record, I have not downloaded it. And I find it frustrating to have to sift through countless blog posts about it while looking for legitimate news about Outlander to tell people about. It’s sad.

    On the other hand – and it’s little comfort – is that reaction to the film has been pretty positive.

  2. well, seeing there are no comments, I feel like leaving one:
    don’t blame us! blame The Weinstein Company for it’s “great” distribution (or whoever is responsible)…
    in my case – the nearest country that screened it at least once was Germany – which is 1000 km away.
    and since there is not even a DVD or anything else in sight, we just have to resort to other means
    btw – I think it was a great movie, giving it a 8/10 and I think with the right advertisement and distribution, this movie could easily gross at least twice the budget

  3. Interested Fan Says:

    In all honesty, I was not aware of there being an online torrent available, and I’m trying hard not to peruse it. I really want to see this film and if this film’s release wasn’t so select, I would be all over this.

    Rest assured, even if this film finally makes it into a tiny theater, you can guarantee that my hard-earned money will go to at least one screening of the film so that I can appreciate the triumphant effects of this film in a place where it can be most appreciated, garnished with some popcorn by my side and a carbonated beverage at the ready.

  4. outlanderthemovie Says:

    To Interested Fan, thank you very much. I certainly hope you enjoy it. And if it doesn’t happen to get near you, then please enjoy a fine DVD viewing opportunity.

    As for ‘me’, I am certainly happy that you enjoyed it, but your logic is uncompelling. Why do you have to ‘resort to other means’? Why do you not have to wait like everyone else? If you are thirsty, do you push to the head of the line? If the ATM is four blocks away, do you steal money from the man standing next to you? Inconvenience does not give you a license to steal. It is a test of character that you and millions of others are failing. You have no idea who you are actually hurting, nor do you care. Yeah, there are some rich folks who aren’t going to see some money. I admit to joining you in not caring about them. But there are a lot of people whose pockets you are picking who are normal folks trying to feed their families. Look at it this way – if you and I met for coffee and I accidentally left behind a copy of the movie, would you walk after me to return it or would you stick it in your bag and walk away?

  5. I can understand people being tempted to watch this movie online, with the screw job The Weinsteins usually do, the availability of it is more far than near. But I stayed away from watching it online for I wanted to see it on the big screen. I’m glad I did because the grand scale of the scenery and the sets makes the experience that much more rewarding. I had to travel from Los Angeles to San Diego to do so but a 2 hour drive is nothing compared to those unfortunate folks around the world who don’t have any options.

  6. I’ll admit to downloading movies. But never anything newer than 10 years old, and usually just to see if it looks good. Honestly, according to some of my friends who are habitual downloaders, they see it as a “preview” of sorts, and if they like what they see on the DL, they’ll usually buy the DVD or see the release.

    That being said, I understand your ire. And I’m with you. I’ve given an earful on the subject to those I know who DL just to save a buck.

    Myself, I will be waiting for the DVD (unless it suddenly runs here in the Madison, WI area). Based on everything I have seen and read, it looks like a winner to me.

  7. i can see how it can be frustrating but if it is really good people will go and see it and buy it when it comes out, there will always be those who download it, its been done with every movie

  8. outlanderthemovie Says:

    I understand it’s done with every movie. I certainly don’t think of myself as alone. I just wanted to raise my voice to the people in the room, so to speak. The root of the problem I think is partly psychological. Digitization has cheapened content. People feel that since something can be copied instantaneously it has no intrinsic value. They are distanced from the creative process. The piece of art – whether it’s a song, news report, movie or photograph – has become the tip of an iceberg whose body is covered by the dark ocean of the internet.

  9. No way will I ever download a movie. I’m paranoid about getting some kind of spyware or malware installed on my computer, and I always have a feeling that those programs are piggybacking on torrent downloads.

    Plus, I don’t like watching films on the computer. What a waste. I definitely prefer viewing them on DVD on my home theatre system. Even the best computer screen and sound system give a measelly impression of a movie.

    But — and this is no comfort, I know — I guarantee that if Outlander were more widely distributed, it wouldn’t be stolen as much. That doesn’t make it right, of course. But just think — someone in Canada has NO WAY of ever seeing this film, short of a drive to Detroit! That’s a four hour drive at minimum (in winter weather conditions, I might add), and it’s just not physically possible for most of us; at least, those of use who have a job.

    It looks like it’s going to be a a DVD wait for me. But what a shame. If at the very least it came to Buffalo, I could cross the border and see it there. I really, really wanted to see this on the big screen. A lot of Canadians did.

  10. I have no intention of pirating it. The trailer looks pretty kick-ass and I can’t wait until it is screened at the Sci-Fi museum in Seattle. So if any one is in the Seattle area you shoudl grab a ticket. I think it will be a great event.

  11. waldgeyst Says:

    Try to see the good side of it. A fixed percentage of movie downloaders will also buy the movie. If they go on their favorite torrent page now and see Outlander up-top and might even get a link from a friend telling them “ey look thats awesome” they will hear about the movie they otherwise never would have heard off.

    That way this Nr.1 in the downloader list will also guarantee higher DVD sales through a kind of “viral marketing” that TWS would have never invested money in.

    I wish you a big success in DVD sales and may TV companies rip you the movie out of your hand 😀 – i am certainly going to buy the DVD because i am a fantasy nerd 😉 (i also own the DVDs of foreign fantasy movies like “Wolfhound” or “Blood & Chocolate”)

  12. waldgeyst Says:

    To illustrate little evaluation of the possible situations:

    [b]People that would like to see the movie in cinema[/b]
    – They cannot see it, because its to far away so they download it *LOSS*
    — The same percentage of people that buys movies they have seen in cinema now also buys this movie after downloading it *WIN*
    – They can see it and go to cinema *WIN*
    — A percentage of the people will buy the movie *WIN*

    [b]People that have never heard about it[/b]
    – They hear about it through viral marketing and download it *LOSS*
    — The same percentage of people that buys movies they have seen in cinema now also buys this movie after downloading it *WIN*
    – They don’t hear about it through viral marketing but would be interested, because they don’t download movies *LOSS*

    [b]People that have heard about it but have only mild interest[/b]
    – They don’t go into the cinema, because their initial interest is not high enough to pay for it *LOSS*
    – They download it, because its free *LOSS*
    — The same percentage of people that buys movies they have seen in cinema now also buys this movie after downloading it *WIN*

    So you might see now, that in your special case (good movie, not being advertised enough, not screened widely) the pirating can really be a good thing in the long run.

  13. great work. regarding downloading issues – how about the approach of the people behind “The Man from Earth” ?

    the opened up an account for donation from people who appreciate their work (via pay pal or other methods). i actually donated my 10 bucks directly to them, and got a thank you email from the producer.

    Your film is great, and it WILL find audiences and get its cash back. godspeed!

  14. Doug Warner Says:

    I had never heard of this movie before. Never saw a trailer or didn’t know it was playing anywhere in the theaters. I randomly clicked a link and watched it tonight.

    It is GREAT. It really is a shame that it wasn’t better marketed. It was WAY better than that crappy Beowulf movie they did in 3D which I did go see in IMAX 3D because I believed the marketing hype. What a piece of shit that was compared to this interesting movie.

    The only part I think where it lost it a little was after the fire trap and the cavern inside the well. How many monsters were there? Were they breeding down there? But overall just a great film.

    If it is released on DVD with lots of extras about the making of it & a director commentary I would definitely buy it.

    I apologize for not being a perfect citizen and watching it online. The rising cost (try IMAX 3D at $15 bucks a pop) of even going to the movie theater is insane especially when you can eventually own a DVD of the movie for the same price for life.

    Eventually, a different distribution scheme might have to be thought out. I definitely might have paid a couple of bucks to watch it streamed on the internet with a reliable network.

  15. Hey outlanderthemovie – care to actually explain the investigation as to how a digital copy got onto the net in the first place? I often think that its done on purpose these days as a great means of free advertismeent – but that only works if the film is any good mind.

    I think that perhaps when u make another movie – and i hope you do! You include somewhere in the contract the right to sell online if it doesnt meet the agreed cinema distribution numbers.

    Best of luck

  16. Psht. This is basically a matter of society moving in a much higher pace today than it used to. People who panick when they don’t have their cell phones by their side, who can’t sleep at night because they have to get up at a certain time in the morning and what if they sleep to heavy and don’t hear the alarm clock, or what if someone calls them and they don’t hear the phone ringing. Like stated earlier by outlanderthemovie it’s a test of character. People today are spoiled with not having to wait for anything, so when they occassionally have to wait after all they start complaining loudly over it. Even if it’s an insignificant amount of time. Personally I love cinema firstly and movies secondly. And I leave my phone at home on occassion or turn it off. And enjoy the stillness and silence that comes with it. Everything slows down. And I stroll through it like Hammy on a powerdrink in “Over the Hedge”.

    Make no mistake. I do too download things, music and movies. But only because today it’s to expensive to chance it (something that I could do easily in the days of yore). But I am not stealing, but rather borrowing. I might download a cd and check it out. And if it’s good I’ll go buy it, and if it’s not I won’t. Either way I will delete it afterwards. How’s that for character, hm?

  17. And there we go. I still haven’t downloaded your movie, and it’s sceduled to go up in theatres the 8th of May. A little patience goes a long way.

  18. its sad how people are using technology to damage digital property.

    • outlanderthemovie Says:

      Yes, it is sad. Problem is going to be that if content continues to be stolen, and ad blockers gain wider acceptance, there may no longer be an economic incentive to produce entertainment.

  19. Dear Outlander –

    I recently watched this film and loved it – how can you go wrong with vikings versus aliens? I thought it was well directed, the story moved at a great pace, I loved the actors, the set pieces were incredible and the aliens were awesome.

    Much to your dismay, I only watched it because I downloaded it. Would you have preferred that I watched the crappy Blu-Ray version that you talked about in a previous post (that I would have had to watch on the horrid TV/DVD player in the kitchen), or the beautiful, high-res one that I watched on a great computer monitor, with high-quality headphones on?

    This film isn’t playing anywhere near me, and I don’t like watching DVDs. Would you prefer that I didn’t appreciate your art?

    I understand your pain with the fact that people are essentially “stealing” something you’ve worked so hard to create (and believe me, your hardwork shines through – I think it is an excellent movie).

    But the fact of the matter is, times have changed. Yes, the digital world has enabled people to make copies of your movie. But copying your film is much different than stealing it.

    Don’t try and profit off of these copies – think of these copies as a promotional tool for your film. If you can’t get it shown in theaters, by all means get people to see it free online. Seed it to Torrent sites yourselves. Have companies sponsor a web page, and stream it on there.

    This doesn’t mean that “there may no longer be an economic incentive to produce entertainment.” It just means that the way to profit off of entertainment has changed.

    If enough people have seen the film, there will be a huge fan base. Can you not sell tickets to special event screenings (such as at the Sci-Fi musuem in Seattle, as one comment above suggested)? Is there not Outlander Merchandise? Serious fans will be interested in buying the limited edition DVD that comes signed and with production notes for $100, not just the $20 basic DVD version.

    In fact, a couple of the comments suggested you set up a “donate” link. I’d happily donate $15 to your cause after watching the movie online, especially since I’d know that the money would go directly into the pockets of the people that created it, rather than to the cinema industry, companies like TWC, or Blu-Ray production (which will soon become just another dead media format like VHS). And wouldn’t you rather get that $15, rather than a percentage?

    With Outlander, I think you have created a beautiful, magnificent movie. I think it will be a fan favorite for years. I’d be happy to discuss this further with you at any time- you can reach me via the email address I left in the box with the comments.

  20. huh. I just download things and dont care.

    maybe I’m immoral.

    • outlanderthemovie Says:

      Bob – It’s not a matter of morality. It’s a matter of ethics. You are unquestionably stealing. The reason it means nothing to you is because it is very easy to do and you can’t literally see the person you are stealing from. If I accidentally dropped a movie ticket to a film you were dying to see but didn’t have the money to go to, what would you do? Take the ticket or return it to me? I’d like to think you’d give it back because you knew to whom the ticket belongs. You can see me. If in fact you wouldn’t return the ticket then there is simply something wrong with you.

  21. JEDIDIAH Says:

    Unauthorized distribution of your work is going to happen. That particular genie left the bottle a long time ago. You can either be cool about it and possibly gain from it or big the biggest jerk you can be and alienate potential fans.

  22. outlanderthemovie Says:

    Jedediah – It’s not about being cool, or being a jerk. It’s about being the victim of theft. That’s like you telling someone in a bad neighborhood they just need to get used to having their car broken into. That may very well be the case, but it doesn’t mean you don’t fight for a better neighborhood or that the thieves have actually become respectable because they do it so often.

    I obviously don’t know you, but I have an image in my head of someone who is young, and either doesn’t have a job or has a job that he doesn’t respect or like. I may very well be off the mark here, but let me tell you why I have this image. People who work, who create something, who get a job done, who build something are more able to appreciate what others do. If you do none of those things, or if you don’t value the contribution you make to your society, your city, whatever, then you will never be able to understand the sweat and blood and love that goes into the creation of film – even bad ones. As of this moment, you are incapable of seeing web content as the product of WORK. To you it is valueless because the method of DELIVERY makes it seem effortless. Well let me tell you something – it’s not effortless, not at all.

  23. Outlander –

    How come you responded to Jedidah and Bob, but not Ultimate Cowboy? He made some really valid points.

  24. Why are you not actually responding to intelligent critical comments like Ultimate Cowboy’s?

    Even in Jedediah’s comment, you didn’t respond to his points about how you can gain from it, or alienate fans with your reaction to it. All you did was mention his use of the words “cool” and “jerk”, make a bizzare and ungrounded personal attack, and continue with the same pattern you’ve followed in the rest of this blog…
    – taking the concept of intellectual property and the rights of corporations to control entertainment as non-negotiable
    – taking highly contestable definitions for filesharing such as “stealing” and “theft” for granted
    – using these definitions to make misleading analogies
    – ignoring the nuances of opposing views
    – and adopting a highly judgmental attitude towards people simply because they don’t agree with your narrow, slave-to-establishment ethics.

  25. Carlos the Jackal Says:

    Let’s take seriously the Ultimate Cowboy’s suggestion, about opening up an account where people who appreciate The Outlander could donate some money, and let’s see what does this idea really amount to. Let’s say The Outlander is a visionary piece of art (I haven’t seen it yet so I’m just saying this for the argument’s sake). Let’s say it’s visionary so much that only some generations to come are able to really appreciate it, and let’s say those that are now around fail in seeing its greatness. But, since the future generations cannot pay retroactively, if you accept this schema, it means you doomed all visionary art. Therefore, it’s a very bad idea, because it really amounts to being a filter that lets through only that which satisfies present tastes. That idea implemented would mean death for art. That, and also there’s this ethical thing about not paying someone’s work. If someone is hired and he or she does the work, it should not depend on someone’s whim whether he or she will be payed or not. It should not be left for someone’s taste. If the work is done, you should pay the worker. If you don’t like the product, hire someone else next time, but pay this one first. Because if you don’t pay the worker for his work, you’ll soon end up with noone who works. And so one crime – not paying the work of a worker – will lead to other crimes, because people would stop working and will be trieing to find other easy ways out.

    One other thing, in case some of you think not paying for a movie is an act of subversion. Read “Punk Capitalism” by Matt Mason, and how he argues that capitalism can survive only if the market is being constantly deregulated. The more deregulated the market, the better, he says. And why? Why, because big companies take the money anyway. They partake in selling of recordable discs, so they don’t really care if you’re gonna buy the movie or snatch it from the net. They profit from all other things, so if you steal the movie, the only ones you’re harming are artists. They are the small fry. The big fry gets the money anyhow, no matter what you do. But if appreciate art or artists, than think about this: the only way for them to support themselves is for you to pay for their work, and not to go around and pay their emploies. So, even if it sound paradoxically, only regulated market can prevent the crimes of capitalism, and in the final perspective, the capitalism itself. Who’s subversive now?

  26. This discussion is interesting from the perspective that the movie is a veritable theft of the plot and storyline of “”Beowulf” ,wiyhout attribution as far as I can tell. Adaptations are fine if the author receives appropriate credit and are theft if not.

  27. outlanderthemovie Says:

    Well, Sam, thanks for the comment, but there is of course, no known author of Beowulf. It’s an anonymous poem, probably written somewhere before 1000 AD. My partner and I have never failed to refer to Beowulf as the source of the story, and in fact referred to Outlander as the ‘sci-fi origin of Beowulf.’

  28. Now I wont download this movie, but damn straight I’m gonna buy the DVD. I saw Outlander listed months ago on Video on Demand, read the synopsis and though “That sounds like Predator Vs. Vikings, I’ll pass” then saw the DVD at a store and thought the same. But months later (Tonight)… Bored out of noggin, There it was again, so I said what the heck, nothing else looked good. Wow, I was impressed and so wrong about it. It was an excellent movie.

    And to the guy who said this was a Veritable theft of Beowulf, It has elements of it, sure, so does 1000 other movies and books out there, just like Beowulf has elements of many a Greek myth, but it’s nowhere near it. I would recommend you read Beowulf before making such statements.

    Anywho, awesome work on this story. Hope to see stuff like this in the future.

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