title1So give us a hand here – if you’ve heard about this movie and want to see it near you, tell The Weinstein Company. Make your voice heard. Maybe we can make it happen.

I had a bit of trouble with making the poll, so if you want to see it in a city other than NY or LA, hit the bottom button and WRITE IT IN. You CAN put in multiple answers (yes to release plus yes to NY, LA and another city, for example.)





  1. […] Outlander during its very limited first weekend of release. Along with my pops, we ventured to Cherry Hill, NJ to catch a Sunday afternoon screening. Forever in limbo courtesy of The Weinstein Company, Outlander was never truly marketed in the […]

  2. waldgeyst Says:

    OMG.. need to spread this 😀

  3. […] Facebook/StudiVZ/MeinVZ Blog, euren WordPress Blog, eure Webseite, eure Forensignatur und macht Werbung für die Abstimmung, denn kleiner produzierte Filme im Fantasy Genre, die so gut gemacht sind, sollten unterstützt […]

  4. outlanderthemovie Says:

    Hey Walgeyst – you’re from Germany, right? I think that post in German says something like ‘go vote on the whole outlander thing, right?’


  5. This should definitely play in corner brook newfoundland seems this is very near where part of it was filmed.

  6. Incidentally, if you’ve seen OUTLANDER, and you’re thinking, more, more, I must have more tales of Vikings vs. aliens, I suggest the 1998 Dark Horse one-shot comic book STALKER, which involves Vikings vs. a Sigourney Weaver-style Alien.

  7. Monika Aakvaag Says:

    Dear Weinstein Company,

    I would love to see Outlander in Oslo,Norway.I am sure many Norwegians would do the same.

  8. Yup Dirk, that is my German AoCBlog (I’m the Community Manager from Funcom for Age of Conan in Germany) and i thought “well.. its remotely connected sooooo” 😉

    the last part basicly says:
    “Go to your facebook/StudiVZ/Blog, your WordPress Blog, your webpage, your forum signature and advertise for the vote, because smaller scale movies produced with so much passion need to be supported!”

  9. Bring it up here to Calgary please …..

  10. @Monika: The Norwegian distributor I believe is Euforia… http://www.euforia.no/

    You could try contacting them to see what their plans are. Beyond that, France is releasing it on blu-ray April 2nd with both french and english if you don’t mind watching it in english.

  11. Please, please, PLEASE show this film somewhere in Canada — preferably Toronto.

    Or if it can’t come to Canada, at least PLEASE show it in Buffalo NY, so that we Canadians can cross the border and see it there.


  12. COLUMBUS, DO IT IN COLUMBUS, OHIO. we have vibrant indi-film theaters. we enjoy getting and supporting all the “weird” stuff.

  13. Why isn’t this film in Austin, TX?

    Aint-it-Cool-News has been the only website to give any real coverage of the film, and it’s not showing in their home town?

  14. Saw this movie last night – had downloaded it… I just looked online to find show times in LA and there are NONE.

    This movie is BADASS. It should be shown as a double feature with “Mutant Chronicles” (Also featuring Ron Perlman)

    I’m surprised there was not more marketing for this film. What happened?

  15. I traveled a 100 miles to see this and I’m glad I did. It was a good film and my disgust for all things Weinsteins is ever growing. There was a thread on IMDB about cut scenes. Any chance of seeing additional scenes in the DVD? Although I’m sure your pleased with this cut of the movie, I’m sure having your full arsenal to work with and putting exactly what you want on the screen is something you’d like to see. I know I would.

  16. What the hell? I just saw the trailer for this movie. Never heard about it before. It looks completely badass. Why in God’s name won’t this thing get released in Seattle already? Someone tell the Weinstein’s to pull their heads out of their asses. Fuck.

  17. It should be shown in Minnesota

  18. Mike: it was playing in seattle last week. But there’s a special screening you can try and catch in seattle in a couple of weeks: http://thewarrenreport.com/?p=5909

  19. Thanks! I’m definitely going to try and bring a crowd.

  20. i would love to see outlander in my town..this looks like a good movie and i would like to see sophia myles again i miss seeing her …also would like to know if someone know when is it going to come out in dvd…because i want to buy it..

  21. i drove almost 2 hours to see outlander based on interest first peaked at absolutely sophia myles.the critics panned the movie,but i really enjoyed it.the critics put out incorrect info about the plot which could have had negative effects on those not sure if they should see.it if you can go see it it’s a great sci fi action movie.2 thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Excellent site outlanderthemovie.wordpress.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. It’s taken me literally 2 hours and 55 minutes of searching the web to find you (just kidding!) so I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  23. Why hasn’t there been an Australian and New Zealand release?, fantasy films such as this one top the box office records here (Sydney, Australia) and NZ.

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