title1First off, OUR poll (followed by results of actual polls taken at the theater):

And now, thanks to everyone who saw the movie. We hope you enjoyed it. Outlander obviously didn’t set the box office on fire but it’s hard to do so when no one knows about you. I can report that there were no posters up in certain theaters in Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Houston and San Diego. I suspect, although do not know for sure, that TWC simply didn’t provide them.

I saw the movie in San Diego on Friday night (Shoutout to Mae Lin, Amy, Karen and Cassandra!) and the audience liked it. Ooohed at the right places, laughed when they were meant to.

As you know, we have gotten some very nice reviews (I’ll be posting more) plus some pretty harsh ones. I can respect that people don’t like the film but my goodness, some of them have found the stupidest things to fault. My personal favorite is the one who disliked our choice of dates for the movie. Somehow “709 AD” just ticked him off. And then there was the bright light who thought we shouldn’t have bothered showing our hero learn “Old Norse” in order to speak with the locals because when he got there they already spoke English. It seems he didn’t understand the time-honored convention of rendering foreign languages in English for the English-speaking audience. But such is the life of a critic – they get to rain down excrement while living under umbrellas.

There has definitely been a dichotomy in the reviews. Many of those who had a negative, snarky reaction did not realize that we had based the movie on the poem Beowulf, and had actually designed it as the “sci-fi origin” of that early monster tale. They simply thought we were kitchen-sinking the idea. Like we sat around one day and said “gee, let’s have an alien creature attack Des Moines. No, too boring. How about… Norway, in the 8th century? Then we could have Vikings and stuff, and what fanboy doesn’t love Vikings?”

Didn’t happen that way.

On the other hand, those who did see what we were aiming at may have taken us to task but absolutely had a warmer spot for the movie. But the reviews that matter the most came from the real human beings who saw the movie, and they were very good. According to exit polls:

64% found the film Very good or excellent (the norm is 55%)

85% would Probably or Definitely recommend the movie to friends

59% thought it was better than expected (the norm is 50%)

70% would Probably or Definitely rent the DVD

56% would Probably or Definitely buy the DVD

I’d say those are very good reactions and heartening to us as filmmakers.

And so, if you would like to see the film, here are some new markets for next weekend

1. Mobile-Pensacola , AL

2. Knoxville, TN

3. Huntsville-Decatur, Fl

4. Greensboro-H. Point-W. Salem , NC

5. Dothan, AL

6. Cleveland , OH

7. Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY

There will be some holdovers, but I don’t know what they are.

Kainan Captured

Kainan Captured

Kainan on the Hunt

Kainan on the Hunt

Crowd Waiting to Get Into Outlander. (okay, just kidding.)

Crowd Waiting to Get Into Outlander. (okay, just kidding.)



  1. Argh! I thought the benefit of living in a big city was actually getting to see cool movies when they came out! Why in the world isn’t this playing in Los Angeles. San Diego is not exactly nearby moviewatching.

  2. outlanderthemovie Says:

    I know – I had to go there to see the movie open last friday. We are talking to TWC about bringing it to la and nyc but at the moment I am not holding my breath. I will certainly let you know when and if it happens.

  3. The two markets that seem to react the most to online marketing are both LA and New York, so it’s always seemed very bizarre that given their unwillingness to market the film themselves that TWC has ignored as of yet both those locations. Here’s hoping…

  4. Lee Torres Says:

    Dude I was looking forward to sheeing this movie, but I live in LA and they don’t show movies in this town? WTF talking! man you guys are weak grow shome hair on dem ballsh and get the bloody film to L.A. shee you at the oscars! Sean Connery

  5. wonderingwhy Says:

    Why is this not in NYC/LA and other major cities? Please please add NY to the list – plenty of limited run/small indie houses in NYC…

  6. I’m sure if it were up to Dirk and Howard it would have been in LA and NY a year ago. Their hands are tied by The Weinstein Co though who are dictating where we get to see it.

  7. It’s utterly confounding not to show this movie in LA/NY. I’ve seen many positive responses from those that have seen it and those that want to can’t because its not being shown near them. This movie if shown in 2,500 theaters could of easily made $20 million if it was properly marketed and advertised. From the great cast to the genre itself with its vikings and sci fi angle how could it not. It saddens me to think of all the crap that’s being shown yet this movie doesn’t even get its fair shake. A sure cult film in the making where its accolades will grow with time.

  8. outlanderthemovie Says:


  9. outlanderthemovie Says:


  10. Any idea if the movie will be San Diego this weekend? I don’t live to far from there and would like to sneak a peek.

  11. I saw it and enjoyed it. Although it wasn’t as amazing as I would have hoped I found it very entertaining although a tad too long IMO. I hope the DVD is released with plenty of extras. I’ll definitely be getting it.

  12. what is the picture on this post?

  13. Why is this not in NYC/LA and other major cities? Please please add NY to the list – plenty of limited run/small indie houses in NYC…

    • outlanderthemovie Says:

      hi world cities – unfortunately a little late on this one. Outlander is now out on DVD. It was squashed in its theatrical run by TWC who released it neither in NY nor in LA. They said it was too expensive to do so. I hope you enjoy it on DVD!

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