That would be Charlie Jane Anders over at io9.com who wrote a terrific article on the film with great pics. Check it out here:


We’ll be sending her a whole rack of Moorwen steaks. Yum.




  1. Charlene Nordoff Says:

    When do you think that OUTLANDER will be headed to NYC????? Would it help if I called The Weinstein Company and asked? I live in Brooklyn and have a bunch of people who want to see this movie. Come on..flippin’ Jack Huston, he’s amazing and pretty much everyone in my class wants to see him as a Viking! Tell me what I should do, and why can’t this movie be in NY?

  2. I suggest you pray that it does well opening weekend elsewhere…

    The movie will be in more cities but we don’t know which ones yet. But if it gets good support this weekend then it might make it’s way into more than less theaters and cities.

  3. I live in Orange County here in California. Any chance of it getting released here? San Diego isn’t to far off for me but this weekend I won’t be able to see it. Maybe if its there in a few weeks but if not I hope the OC gets a chance.

    • outlanderthemovie Says:

      Again, I wish I could answer, but it’s up to TWC. Hell, they didn’t even release in LA or NYC. I will definitely post the next round of cities when I get it. THANKS for your interest.

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