Outlander Update 1/13/09

Official US Outlander Poster

Official US Outlander Poster

Well, finally in from TWC is the official US Outlander poster. Thoughts?

In response to other questions, TWC tells me we will get specific theater info on Tuesday, four days before it opens. Thoughts?

No official trailer yet from TWC. Thoughts?

AD has posted that he will get out Canada info as soon as available, as will I.

If I didn’t mention this before (and yes, I’m too lazy to look back a page), the UK premiere is now April 24th. The very good folks at Momentum, the UK distributor, think that will ultimately be a better date for the film.

Also, nice posting from our friends at Film Rant: http://screenrant.com/outlander-exclusive-movie-pic-release-news-vic-4919/

Plus, here’s a nice piece of concept art you all might like.

Concept Art for Cave Set

Concept Art for Cave Set

And finally – a shoutout to Inga. I’d love you to see the movie but I don’t know when (or even if) it will get to NYC. That’s all up to TWC.

Oh hell, here’s another one, even prettier. It’s the Moorwen Planet, just as it’s getting nuked.

Moorwen Planet

Moorwen Planet


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