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Jim C.First off, Happy New Year, to all. Second, I apologize for not writing for a while. 2008 was truly a hell of a year, emphasis on ‘hell’. Plus, there hasn’t been much to put out there, as anyone with even a passing acquaintance with the Weinstein Company’s travails can understand.

However, I finally have something good to report, so here goes. As you probably know, the release date for Outlander is January 23rd. So, despite reports that we were going straight to DVD, that is not the case

Further, I have the cities, straight from TWC, where it will open first. They are as follows:

San Francisco, CA
Chicago, IL
Philadelphia, PA
Washington D.C.
Dallas, TX
Atlanta, GA
Boston, MA
Houston, TX
Seattle, WA
Miami, FL
San Diego, CA
Detroit, MI
Sacramento, CA
Orlando, FL
Tampa, FL

Finally, after too many years to count, the movie will be out there. So do what you can, oh ye faithful – email your buds in those cities, make some noise. If we do well, we might even get the recalcitrant folks at TWC to roll it out further.

And one last thing: go see it yourself and have a good time. I hope you enjoy it.

PS – here are a few set photos (courtesy of Michael Tompkins)

Good-Bye to the Kings

Good-Bye to the Kings

John Hurt, from deleted scene

John Hurt, from deleted scene

Shooting from the barge, in Newfoundland

Shooting from the barge, in Newfoundland

Where there's smoke.... there's a grip

Where there's smoke.... there's a grip

Tracking Vikings as they track the monster

Tracking Vikings as they track the monster


13 Responses to “OUTLANDER UPDATE 1/6/09”

  1. That’s great news!

    Is there any way to find out which theatre?

  2. I was on The Weinstein Company site looking into your film and there
    isn’t a trailer running for the movie.
    After looking around a bit, I find a trailer for the project on a site called
    “The Asian Women’s Forum.”
    I’m not sure if that’s the demographic you’re shooting for, isn’t there
    anyone at TWC posting content for you.
    I’m from outside Philly so I’m looking forward to seeing the finished
    work, maybe setting it a little closer to St. Patrick’s day would be a
    good move.
    Beer + Vikings. I could fill a theater in a heartbeat.

  3. Dirk you old sonofagun… What about New York? When does it open here? (Just wondering). Kudos to you and Howard. I’ll go see it the minute it presents itself to the NY area…. xx IEB

  4. Head-On-A-Pike Says:

    Now I know this is opening in Canada as well, but — as with most such things — no mention is made. I understand that the info may not be available yet, but it gets a little frustrating when no one even mentions a country that’s…y’know…basically your conjoined twin. I’ve seen many instances where the UK gets more release coverage in the US. Technically, you could walk to Canada! We have movie dollars too 😉

    Having said that, congratulations! Can’t wait to see the movie (and on a big screen, to boot)! Here’s to your success, and the hopes that this is a wake-up call to TWC .

  5. Sorry, buddy, this list is useless; you have to tell us which theatres are playing it.

    When Beowulf and Grendel opened to a limited market, we already knew which theatre to go to by this stage.

  6. Ive got the trailers on my site over at http://outlander.solsector.net/ or you can probably search youtube I imagine.

    I’ll be posting theater info to the site along with relevant release info as soon as it’s available… for the record alliance films is releaseing in canada and I believe they’re somehow associated with the cineplex franchise and indeed there is a listing on the cineplex website in the comming soon section.

  7. Is Landmark handling the US release?

  8. outlanderthemovie Says:

    Hey Kortoso – as I mention in a later blog, for some unknowable, mysterious reason, we won’t, know theaters til this coming tuesday. That is because the release is being handled by the very symbol of releasing excellence, Third Rail. (that’s the sink-or-swim arm of the Weinstein Company.)

    Kurtz – I’ve been trying to get a trailer out of them for a while. I guess TWC doesn’t have enough money. From what I gather tho, they are rolling up their pennies and will have one in the theaters this weekend. See me holding my breath? However, check AD’s site – he’s the loyal repository of all things Outlander.

    Head – Don’t know about Canada, trying to get info. We love our northern brethren.

  9. Don’t exactly know that it’s what I was hoping for but Third Rail has put out a trailer on IGN… and it’s pretty much exactly the same one I outed back in July!

    That said, they do have a pretty nice 720p wmvHD version for download. Links over at my page… or you can download it from me too: http://outlander.solsector.net/files/outlander_trlr1_011509_wmvhd.wmv

  10. Sorry about the snarkiness – we want to succeed.

    It doesn’t matter to me if I see this in the theatre or at home with a DVD many months later. I would live ok without seeing it at all.

    It’s hard for your fans to support you if we can’t make it to opening night.

  11. outlanderthemovie Says:

    Kortoso – I appreciate the thought. I think. Not quite sure what I said to deserve the chop. I am literally without recourse in this matter – the Weinsteins are evidently incapable of telling me what theaters it is playing in. They are getting last-minute bookings because, I suspect, they are cheapest. That means they won’t know until the beginning of next week. When they let us know, I will post as much info as possible here so that anyone who would like to can go see it. Fair?

  12. I know, you’re doing what you can.

  13. Keep an eye out, they have a bootleg out in Spanish off of Surf The Channel.
    Latin Vikings sounds like a Norwegian gang out of L.A. but it’s out there.
    Sophia Myles would still be attractive even if they dubbed her with Elmer Fudds voice. Seriously, don’t do that.

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