For those of you wondering what a Conan/comic book geek’s workspace looks like (hi Mom!), here’s a quick tour. Some of you will be warmed, most will be horrified and quickly put me on the spam list.

Here’s the main board with Conan looks. If I ever stop to think ‘could Conan really kill 75 guys with a broken table leg?’, I just swivel in my chair, take a look, and say ‘damn straight he could.’

The go-to pile. Savage Tales, Save Sword, Marvel Conan, Dark Horse, the Lancers, the Del Reys, and even an original Weird Tales (with Red Nails, part 3)

A board for Conan environments, with Hulk #1 artfully and unnecessarily displayed. (And all of you from don’t bother looking for clues. Yeah, that’s Stygia, but that’s also Hyperborea, and there are some nameless temples in there too.)

And if there’s anyone still left out there, a couple of cool non sequiturs.

Here’s the ironic ‘Ent With Chainsaw’.

And lastly, an extremely cool Evil Ash stunt mask actually used in Armies of Darkness. (let me tell you, the guy who fit in there had a pinhead.)


So I’m pretty sure of those who hung around, half of you said ‘cool’, while the other half shook sad heads and said “thank god he’s not dating.”


13 Responses to “CONAN: GEEK PEEK”

  1. Looks like my place, except where are teh swords? 😉

  2. I personally think it’s great that you are looking at ALL of the Conan material, and not just the books for inspiration. Even though I think the original stories by REH should be the base, the comics, SSOC in particular, make for good visual reference.

    Plus, I envy your collection of stuff. The AoD mask rocks!

  3. You definitely have proven your geek credentials. 🙂

  4. So, the real question is…did you have all of this great Conan stuff BEFORE you were tapped to write the new movie? 🙂

  5. outlanderthemovie Says:

    Kortoso – I actually have two swords in the office, just didn’t get them in the picture. And yeah, I pretty much figured this would prove I understand GeekSpeak.

    Reaver – Cross my heart, I’ve had all this stuff for years. The only thing I didn’t have was the Weird Tales, which I bought on ebay a few weeks ago. (Altho just to be clear, the boards are a recent addition to help the writing process go on. I may be a geek but I don’t actually have tear-sheets of my favorite comic characters hanging on my walls.)

  6. I think Dirk mentioned at that he picked up Conan in 1971. He’s therefore got 4 or 5 years on me.

  7. crowmagnumman Says:

    I said “cool.” I’m starting to think you are definitely the right man to work on the new Conan movie.

  8. Please consider Javier Bardem for Conan:

  9. Is this your garage office? Congrats! I left word for Howard. You guys are going to rock this!

  10. Hey, does Howard McCain have a room like that? 🙂

  11. Wow, an original Weird Tales. o_O

  12. I notice you have the big Mongoose map on the wall: it might be wishful thinking, but I really think a a look at Dale Rippke’s maps, and Vincent Darlage’s interpretation of said maps, could be good for the benefit of us uber-geeks. They’re a damn sight more accurate to the text than the Mongoose map, which has many inconsistencies with Howard’s *own* map, let alone the completely arbitrary placement of the Black Kingdoms and muddled-up East.

    I mention this because, if a map of the Hyborian world DOES turn up in the movie, it would be really super duper awesome to the max extreme (superlatives continue like this for a few pages) if you did the map based on modern research rather than use the one that’s had dominion in comics and art for the past half-century. Since this is a “new beginning” for cinematic Conan and all, I think it would be entirely appropriate.

    Nice little insight into your creative process though. Great to see Howard’s own map there. I am supremely jealous of your collection, too!

  13. Hey guys,

    I hope you guys will make this movie rock like hell..!
    Please make it like 300 style, that should be very very interesting…
    I have a, name wich i think he could be a very convincing conan, THOMAS SCHEU, he is not an actor but a bodybuilder, (yes i know).
    When he does a pose hu puts on a show, sometimes he’s (in the show) “the terminater ” or somtimes “conan”, very cool to see.
    But he has a very, barbaric face and body if you guys see him you will be convinced, please chek it out on the internet.

    I know you guys will rock this movie…



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