(I am so envious of people who can smile with their mouth open.)

Still suffering from homicidal jet lag or I would have written earlier about our appearance at the inaugural Empire Magazine Movie Con. As I’m sure you all know, Empire magazine is THE British film magazine. They’ve done a brilliant thing – started a convention where they show extended clips from upcoming genre films and have Q and As with the creators afterwards. Kind of like a focused chunk of Comicon. So we showed a ten-minute clip to about 400-500 people who loved it. The audience was great, as were the guys at Empire, and the folks at the British distributor, Momentum. (Hi Anne!) I’d forgotten how much I like the British. They’re like us, but with cuddly accents and opaque words for common objects

Anyway, I did the Q and A with Jack Huston. I thought I would be scared to death of speaking in front of hundreds of people, but a plethora of beers saw me through. That and some Xanax. And some heroin.

After the Con, I bought a very expensive and extremely feisty piece of steak then crashed.

So – check out Empire’s site for Outlander info as well as info on other, lesser films that were represented, such as Watchmen and Terminator 4.


(Home site is http://www.empireonline.com/)

These pics are courtesy of Empire, even though I did not actually contact them for permission, which I guess denied them the right to extend the courtesy. Oh well.


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