Yeah, lotta rain here, but we still have hope. It was our media day so everyone has been carted around and millions of photos taken and interviews given. Went to a reception with the Swiss President and a Q & A panel complete with interpreter headseats.  Should be a bunch of photos up on IMDB, but I thought I’d beat them to the punch on a few.
(Producer Chris Roberts and Director Howard McCain standing, then sitting left to right, screenwriter Dirk Blackman, Jack Huston and Sophia Myles.)

Howard in an interview.

Jack and Sophia having some fun while being interviewed.

Sophia showing off her badge; Dirk trying to take a picture of himself.

Yeah, very cool to see the poster going up.

Sophia and Jack absconded with a photog’s camera, amusing themselves.

Best for last. Don’t they look like they’re on the way to a heist?


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