Locarno Film Festival

Okay, that Conan story was a damn nice thing to see on the front page of the Hollywood reporter. Felt really good.  If you didn’t see it, you can check it out at:


Now we just have to go write an amazing Conan script. Which we will. Something the whole family can see. I’m kidding. Something that will be filled with a remarkable amount of bloody sword-fighting.  Not “300”.  300 and 1.

So I’m finally here in Locarno, Switzerland, in the grips of unholy jet lag. Flew in on British Air. Oh my god I didn’t know they made cans of coke that small. Like an ounce and a half. Landed in Milan and driven to Locarno by Florin. Great guy. 

As you can see from the photo, it’s on Lake Maggiore and it’s gorgeous. 

Our screening is tomorrow night and I include a photo of the huge outdoor screen, complete with our shy star, Sophia Myles.

Director Howard McCain is here and has already been interviewed by a group of local filmmakers. Producer Chris Roberts is making the rounds, and our excessively-handsome star Jack Huston is expected sometime tonight. The clubs are extending hours in preparation for his arrival.

I’ll add more photos as I take them. Later….


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