On the Outlandishness of Outlander

Responding to the following:

“I need to mention that when I first heard about Outlander’s crazy concept, I thought that it was maybe just crazy enough to really work. But what impressed me was the Cast. When I tell people the concept they often react as if it can’t possibly be true, and then when you tell them who’s in it they step back and give it a second thought.”

    We get a lot of that. Actually, what we get is the movie sounds so crazy that it has to be stupid or campy. So we just played it straight and tried to make everyone as human as possible. It seems to have worked, because as you noted, we got a lot of very fine actors. In fact, I can remember John Hurt telling us that when he first got the script, he did a bit of an eyeroll and figured this was going to be terrible. He had his wife (lovely woman) read it first. And somewhere in the first act she said “John – you have to read this. This is really good.” As you can imagine, that made me feel very good.

    We seem to tackle subjects like that – we wrote a script about Amazons for Scarlett Johansson. Before they read it, everyone heard about it and thought – “Amazons… girls in skimpy outfits playing at swords. Sounds dumb.” But we played it straight and wrote something along the lines of Seven Samurai. Changed a lot of minds. In fact, Lion’s Gate just picked up the script and are moving forward on it aggressively.

    We always figured you can write about anything, you just have to be true to what it is.


    6 Responses to “On the Outlandishness of Outlander”

    1. Since AICN posted the news about your Conan Duties I figured I’d officialy congragulate you on getting the job! So here it goes:


      So far the response to the news seems positive, though since they posted the news along with the Outlander trailer some of the discusion so far centers on that.

    2. Is there anything more that you can say about Amazon? Us Scarlett Johansson fans have been curious about the film for quite a while now.

    3. outlanderthemovie Says:

      Let’s see. What more about Amazon… Not too much more than you probably read. Lion’s Gate recently picked up the script and are very gung-ho about making it. They immediately brought it to producer Neal Moritz, and if you check him out on IMDB, he’s a man who makes movies. They are out to directors right now and are hoping to land one soon so they can get moving. This is a great time for “sword” movies, so to speak, and Amazon is unlike anything else out there, so they want to capitalize on it.

      Speaking personally, I cannot WAIT to see Scarlett as an Amazon. It’ll show her like she’s never been seen before.

    4. Thanks so much for the scoop. 🙂 Can’t wait!

    5. I’d like to thank you for rubbing shoulders with the fans. Not everyone does this, and it certainly makes me feel positive about you and your approach to film.

      It truly is a great time for sword movies! Not since the 1980’s have we had such possibilities!

    6. outlanderthemovie Says:

      It’s easy to ‘rub shoulders’ as you say because I’m just as much a fan myself. I’m sure when I meet Neil Gaiman I’ll go all gushy about his Sandman series, which I consider the best comic book of all time.

      And yes! Great time for swords.

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