OFF TO LOCARNO and a note on Canadians

So I just booked tix for the Locarno film festival. Can’t wait – it’s playing in the huge plaza there and should be an amazing experience. Sophia is coming, along with Jack and Howard. Only downside is 14 hours of flying and I’m flight-phobic. Should be a blast.

Okay. So, just wanted to share a “Canada Moment”. Coming home from the stage in Halifax one day. (Probably after shooting the waterfall sequence – Jim, Sophia and Jack hanging from wires on a model cliff while thousands of gallons of water were plummeting down on them. Everyone game, even through a pink-eye scare.) So anyway, I’m at a red light, stopped. Decide it’s a killer time to make a phone call. Yap-yap on the cell phone, then I look up. Light’s green. Probably been green for a minute or two. I look in my rear-view mirror and there’s a line of cars behind me… and NO ONE HAS HONKED. Like they didn’t want to interrupt my phone call. In Los Angeles, I’d’ve been dead and buried. You’ve got three seconds to hit the gas or you’re in a shallow grave out in Joshua Tree. So… Canadians. Not too impatient. Not too violent. Nice folk.


4 Responses to “OFF TO LOCARNO and a note on Canadians”

  1. Your pretty spot on about how polite Canadians are. The only problems I ever have going to Canada is the border patrol and their sniff dogs. Other than that a wonderful people and country. I’ve only seen Calgary and the western part of Canada but I would like to visit Halifax and see some of their nice waterfalls and mountain ranges.

    It’s awesome you’ll be going to the Locarno Film Festival as well as bringing some of the cast and makers of the film. It’s to bad Jim Caviezel, John Hurt or Ron Perelman won’t be making the trip but I assume their schedules didn’t allow them the luxury. It’d be nice if and when it gets released here in North America, that they’ll get the chance to promote the film and give it the attention it deserves. The American audience needs to know about it and the best way is for them to talk about it. Have a good time at the festival and hope the film gets a great response.

  2. Oh, we have our share of jerks, but I guess proportionately we’re just more passive aggressive than most 😉

    Great that you guys are all going to locarno… which I could be there too. That open-air venue sounds amazing.

  3. Will there be paparazzi and red carpets press conferences at the Festival? Is this really like a world premier??? When are those flippin Weinsteins going to tel us when OUTLANDER will be in the US????? Are there video streams or podcasts so we watch the festival if we’re not in Switzerland? ANd, heck ya, the Canadians are pretty darn accomodating, at least if this production was any indication. Are there tee shirts or other merch for this movie yet?

  4. So it sounds like there’s two showings in Locarno?. Looks like theres the Piazza Grande showing on the 15th, but also one the day before at 9pm on the 14th. However the showing on the 14th is a press screening an not open to the public.

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