Harvey Weinstein gets a letter from Moriarity

While I am not naïve or hopeful enough to think that a bit of hot buzz
and a few hundred thousand unique visits to sites like youtube and
slashfilm  will make The Weinstein Company sit up and take  notice or take
OUTLANDER into a wide release, I was still damn happy to see the
AINTITCOOLNEWS.com review/letter to Harvey from their personality-laden
critic, Moriarity.  Lookie here to see what he had to say about OUTLANDER:


Since our first conversation about this in 1996, OUTLANDER has been an
incredible journey for me and for my writing partner, director Howard
McCain.  In the early ’90’s, Howard had seen an article on Vikings in Nat
Geo, and I’d read an article about Viking artifacts in Archeology that same
year.  Funny thing is, Howard & I didn’t even know each other then. But both
of us kept thinking about these stories, remembering THE Viking movie, Kirk Douglas’s  “The Vikings,” and, as it turns out, mulling over the right outpouring of  the idea. In ’96 we met and realized that there was an unexplored aspect to the Viking film as all of us knew it.  Alien. Predator. A  Science Fiction
origin to the Beowulf tale!   We hit upon the idea and started to work on a
script that would take 12 years to bring to the screen.  We wrote a great
script, Howard got a chance to make hay with directing a big, fat Viking Sci
Fi movie and we ended up with something wonderful.  But the drama before,
during and after production is a helluva story in its own right.

This will be a blog about backstory of OUTLANDER, where the “making of” is
as interesting as the movie. But, we’re also talkin’ about the future of
OUTLANDER, where it will be seen, and what our audience thinks.


4 Responses to “Harvey Weinstein gets a letter from Moriarity”

  1. Cool blog! It’s amazing that you finally got your film complete after all this time, and the AICN review sounds awesome. I’m really looking forward to hearing your stories.

    I do know that back in… 2000? The film was over with Kirschner Productions. I talked with a couple of the concept artists that worked on that particular proposal but it’s been so long that they didn’t have a lot to say. One remembered reading the script and had a few anecdotes about his own involvment, whereas the other remembered vaguely working on Moorwen concepts. I’ve been curious about that particular effort to mount the production since and whether or not any of this art survives? Were they not happy with Patrick Tatopolous’ creature design? Or were they just getting alternate takes on the concept?

    Was this also the particular time that Renny Harlin was supposedly in line to direct?

    I suppose you’ll get to all this in time but those are some of the questions that have been buzzing around inside my head. I don’t actually – beyond wanting to see the movie – have a lot to ask about the current production other than what precipitated the drop in funding that moved the production from New Zealand to Nova Scotia? Plus I think that Jim Caviezel is a better choice than Karl Urban… I guess I’ve just been spending too much time researching all this 🙂

    I not really sure what made me start my website originally anymore or what is keeping me going with it but the movie certainly seems deserving.

  2. Dirk!
    I Love it that you’ve started a blog about this movie.
    I have been following its development since it began production in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I can’t wait to see the film!! I want to see it on the BIG SCREEN! – not on DVD. And, I desperately hope that Weinstein gets its act together and quickly. Do you have any suggestions what us fans can do to have our voices heard for a wide spread theatrical release?

  3. Has everyone been to youtube and AICN? I think it’s always good to drive traffic up. Spread the word about this movie! Email links, blogs, sites to everyone you know. It looks like there was sooo much traffic on youtube! Dude! Let’s make sure that we all get to see this movie in a theater!!!!

  4. outlanderthemovie Says:

    Hi – AD – I wrote a little blog on your questions. Lucy – we’re doing everything we can to get Mr. Weinstein to do us right. When we think of some other stuff for fans to do, we’ll definitely get the word out. Right now, just pass the youtube links (and this, if you like it, to your friends). THANKS!

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